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Facebook tricks that change the life.

1. Get rid of birthday notifications.

You have so many friends that your phone is blowing up with birthday notifications every day. Click on the globe that shows your notifications in the top bar of Facebook and click “Settings” in the top right corner of the drop-down. Go down to “Birthdays” and switch “on” to “off.” Now just put your friends’ birthdays in their phone contact because you’re twentysomething and can manage to do that now.

2 Review posts you’re tagged in before they show up on your timeline.
This is so those unflattering pictures from last night don’t automatically make it onto your timeline. By going back to “Settings” (which you can always find by going to, you can change the way your timeline and tags are managed. Under the “Timeline and Tagging” section in the sidebar, go to “Who can add things to my timeline?” to find “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?” Hit edit to change this to “enabled,” and say good-bye to pictures that should not have been taken.

3. Cut someone from your Newsfeed without having to unfriend them.
Just because you want to keep your 1,000th friend doesn’t mean you actually want to see their posts in your newsfeed. This is what “following” and “unfollowing” is for. Look for the “Following” button over your friend’s cover photo and put your cursor over it to reveal a menu. Click “unfollow” to ensure that this person’s posts won’t pop up on your Newsfeed, but you’ll still have full access for the occasional stalk
4 Remotely log out of Facebook if you accidentally left it logged in.
When you log into Facebook on your friend’s devices or a public computer, it’s easy to forget to log out again. “Security Settings” tells you where you’re logged in, when you logged in, and gives you the ability to “End activity,” so no one can hack your profile. Go to “Settings” and then scroll down the left column to “Security.” Click on “Where You’re Logged In” and then end activity on ~mysterious~ devices.

5. Use lists to block “Family” from seeing certain posts.
NSFF (not safe for family) posts are no longer an issue with lists. To create a list, click on “Friends” in the left sidebar of your home page and choose “Create List.” Enter names of people who fall under the same category and title the list accordingly so these people are always easy to find. By creating a list of relatives that are typically not fans of your party selfies, you can block them from seeing those posts without a problem. To block a list from seeing a post, click on the two little people next to the date and time on your status, and choose “More Options,” then “Custom.” Type in the name of the list that you want to disable from seeing the post. Cue a huge sigh of relief.

6. Block certain people from chatting you on Facebook Messenger.This is for those persistent guys that you want to let down easy. Instead of trying to ignore his messages, just discretely block him from chatting you. At the bottom of your chat sidebar, you’ll find the little gear that means “Options,” where you can access “Advanced Settings.” From here you’ll see “Turn off chat for only some friends…” where you can type in the names of friends that you don’t want finding you on FB chat.

7 .Add GIFs to your messages without downloading other apps.

When you’re in a message, click on the magnifying glass next to the text box for a collection of GIFs to appear. By typing in keywords, you can find something relevant to your ~*fUn~*~ message.

8 Make free calls using Facebook Messenger.

Keyword: free. Why add anybody’s number to your phone’s contacts anymore when you can just find them on FB and call them via Wi-Fi?! You probably have more friends there anyway.

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12 Computer (PC) Tricks You Should Try Right Now ¤¤¤■

Computers have simplified our life to a great extent. Things that were impossible earlier can now be completed instantly thanks to computers. However, this does not mean that a PC is all work and no play.

Here are some of the best tricks you can try out on your Windows based computer.

Have fun with Notepad
If you think that Notepad is just a basic text editor, then, you will be amazed by its capabilities. You can use Notepad to create everything from personalized logs to harmless viruses that are incredibly annoying.Go see this post to know just how useful Notepad is.

Command Prompt too has some tricks up its sleeves
If you think that the Command prompt is a boring old program that no one uses, you are making a huge mistake. It can be used for everything from watching ASCII Star Wars to making folders that you cannot delete. See this post to know about all the cool stuff you can do with the Windows Command Prompt.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to get work done in no time
If you are tired of having to alternate between your mouse and keyboard to operate your Windows computer, you would love to know these really useful keyboard shortcuts which greatly increase your speed and efficiency. See this post for details.
Make your computer speak what you type
You can use your PC’s built in features and some VBScript magic to create a simple program that will make your computer speak whatever you input to it. Enter the right words and you could imitate a real conversation. Head over to this post to talk with your PC.
Make your computer greet you every time you start Windows
A simple modification in the previous trick will make your computer welcome you in its own mechanical voice every time you log onto Windows. This is achieved by placing the VBS script responsible for making your computer talk in the Start up folder. Read this post to have a computer said welcome.
Find your computer’s gender
Want to know if your PC is a male or a female? Simple. Try the previous trick to know if your computer is a ‘he’ or a ‘she’. On a serious note, this depends upon the voice you have selected in Microsoft Text to Speech options.
Lock Folders with password
If you have important personal files that you do not want other people to see, you can hide them in a password protected folder to prevent unwanted users from seeing them. Go see this post to hide your personal fileseffectively.

Change your Processor’s name

If you are bored of your old processor and want a new one with a staggering name, you will definitely want to see this trick which allows you tochange its name to something extraordinary to make your PC special.

Make a Keyboard Disco
You can use some VBScript coding to create a live disco on your keyboard by making the LED lights flash alternately. See this post to know howyour keyboard can turn into a disco.
Recover permanently deleted files in Windows
If you have ever deleted a file in Windows that you did not want to and now want to recover it, you would definitely want to know about some free tools to recover your deleted fileseasily.
Use your Keyboard as Mouse.
You know you can use your mouse as keyboard using the On-screen keyboard utility. What if I tell you that it is also possible to do the reverse? Just read this post to see how.
Disable USB ports to prevent others from taking your data
Ever wanted to disable your USB ports to prevent others from using their flash drives on your PC? This post explains how to do just that with a simple registry trick. Do note that disabling USB ports will also disable your USB connected peripheral devices.
These tricks work onWindows 10Windows 8.1Windows 8,Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.